Major Victoriana - 22 Card Major Arcana Tarot Deck

Brand: The Planchette
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The Major Victoriana Tarot set has its inspirations deep-rooted in history, with the unique imagery taken from painstakingly restored late 19th Century photographs.

The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana represent the main experiences and dramas in our lives. Read correctly, the cards help to put the past and present into focus and act as a strong guideline for the future. It is clear to see why the Tarot is often considered to be a key to ones destiny.

These Tarot cards are printed on premium grade 310gsm cardstock with a plastic coated linen finish sourced from France. The cards are provided shink-wrapped and with a black velvet bag supplied for your convenience.

This is a deck of 30 cards, including the 22 Major Arcana, two introductory cards and six cards with a brief summary of the various cards' divinatory and reverse meanings.

This is a quality artisan product, designed by The Planchette's studio artists. The cards measure at 120 millimeters by 70 millimeters with the whole deck having a combined depth of 9 millimeters. A black velvet bag, measuring 160 millimeters by 110 millimeters is included for easy storage of the cards.

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